“The healthy PMS box delivered to your door step the week you need it the most!”


Made from listening to women. Made with all Natural, Gluten free ingredients.
Each ball is a perfect blend of seeds & herbs commonly consume by women.

PMS Box delivered straight to your door steps every month + Queen bee’s honey + Herbal tea & FREE SHIPPING!

Never worry about that time of the month anymore Princess!

UnBox your PMS  with PMS Ball, Forest Honey and Herbal tea inside to overcome your cravings and mood swings during periods

PMS Box is reaching 5 days before your period.


One of the most common form of hormonal imbalance for women of child bearing age results in both psychological & physical symptoms.


Bloating, weight gain, Fatigue, lack of energy, Headaches Cramps, aching muscles and joints, low back pain, Breast swelling and tenderness, Food cravings, especially for sweet or salty foods, Sleeping too much.

Low sex drive, Constipation or diarrhea, Mood and behavior symptoms
Sad or depressed mood, Anger, irritability, aggression, Anxiety, Mood swings
Decreased alertness, trouble concentrating, Withdrawal from family and friends.


75% of menstruating women experience atleast one PMS symptom.


Marvellous Magnesium: Plays a vital role in mood fluctuation & pain sensitivity.

Potassium: Another mineral that helps in Mood Swings.

Omega-3: Reduces Breast Tenderness, helps Stabilize Hormones.

Iron: Reduces the occurrence of PMS.

Vitamin B: Is a girl’s best friend. Helps reduce Food Craving, Crankiness & Depression.

Ashwagandha: Anti-inflammatory, Stress Buster, Fights Depression & Improves Immune System.

Chamomile: Reduces Irritability & Muscle Spasms.

Dandelion: Helps to reduce Bloating.


Made from listening to women. We get it. You’re busy and have a full life. You want your go-to-snack to have high quality ingredients and at your tips. Our ingredients are not only naturally tasty but will power your day whether you are at home or on-the-go.

We see all the attention seeking – Instagram worthy images of these goodies from different subscription boxes and we just LOVE THEM. But does that really help? We don’t think so. So here we are to actually make a difference with our delicious creations! RIGHT AT YOUR DOOR STEPS.

We avoid just throwing in a bunch of Goodies, Cosmetics or Junk food like Chips, Candies etc. into a box, that do your body no good. You can easily get great snacks or imported food items at your local market these days, but what makes this special are the recipes composed and inspired by so many things we are surrounded by every day. Our mission is to keep people healthy and fit with the crazy ideas that pop into our head.

“It turns out good things do comes in small packages”.


“The healthy snack box delivered to her door step the week she needs it the most!”

Gifting a PMS BOX acknowledges that you understand PMS and are there for her.

Most Subscription Boxes come with unhealthy junk food like candies or chips, that will temporary make her happy, but this is the worst thing she can eat when PMSing.

“Who thought craving could be Guilt Free”

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