Top 10 Health Reasons To Eat Chocolates And Related Risks


Top 10 Health Reasons To Eat Chocolates And Related Risks

Chocolates are your best friend forever and the most popular food for its unique and sweet taste. For this reason, it was always there to make you go through the good times and bad times. Be it Valentine’s Day or Break-up day, it was always there to stand by you. In fact, if you see an array of chocolates you cannot make them sad by saying no to them but your mind starts calculating the calories you will be gaining after having your favorite superfood.

Chocolate was in the bad books for giving you acne, obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases etc but now it is no more in bad books. According to a study, the presence of biologically active compounds in cocoa has shown health benefits in Ageing, obesity, sharper memory, diabetes prevention, regulating the blood pressure, stress buster, mood enhancer etc.

So, Come out of the guilt and consume your favorite chocolate whenever you want. Higher the cocoa content and lesser sugar content makes chocolate healthy to consume.

About Chocolate

Chocolate is produced by Theobroma cacao seeds which are roasted and grounded. Followed by this, it is then made in a form of liquid, paste, or in a block. Chocolate is also used as a flavoring agent in many foods. Furthermore, after fermentation, beans are dried, cleaned and roasted. After this, the shell is removed to produce cacao nibs which are then grounded into the cocoa mass which an unadulterated form of chocolate. Cocoa mass is then heated to turn into chocolate liquor. This liquor is then cooled and processed into two components: cocoa solids and cocoa butter.

Baking chocolate is a combination of cocoa solids and cocoa butter which is bitter in taste. Sweet Chocolate is made of cocoa solids, cocoa butter, and sugar. Milk chocolate contains sweet chocolate contents with a mixture of milk powder or condensed milk. White Chocolate consists of cocoa butter, sugar, and milk. Dark chocolate is a mixture of fat contents, sugar and cocoa mixture.

Health Benefits of Chocolates

1.) Chocolates may lower Cholesterol level

Consumption of 100 gms of chocolate lowers your cholesterol and reduces the risk of heart disease.

2.) Chocolates for good skin

Chocolate may protect you from sun tan and give your skin a glowing effect.

3.) Chocolates for Diabetes prevention

This seems like a joke but surprising results proved that consuming a little amount of chocolate daily may reduce the risk of diabetes.

4.) Chocolates sharpens memory

Intake of chocolate regulates the flow of blood in the brain. As a matter of fact, the brain needs more energy to complete the tasks. Therefore, it needs more blood flow. Thus plays an important role in Alzheimer’s disease.

5.) Chocolates prevents brain stokes

Consuming a prescribed amount of chocolate may reduce the risk of brain stroke by 22%.

6.) Impact of chocolates on sports

Consuming a small amount of chocolate daily improves your performance in sports.

7.) Chocolates are Effective in Cough relief

Chocolate contains theobromine makes you feel good and suppresses the part of the brain called vagus nerve.

8.) Chocolates gives relief in Diarrhoea

Cocoa Flavonoids are bound with protein to regulate protein secretion in the small intestine. Treating diahhroea with cocoa is carried out from the 16th century.

9.) Chocolates are high in minerals

Chocolate consists of healthy minerals like zinc and selenium. A 100 gm bar of dark chocolate consists of 67% of RDA of Iron.

10.) Chocolates for smiling babies:

As a matter of fact, the pregnant ladies consuming more chocolate delivered happy and smiling babies.

Some amazing facts about Chocolates

  • In Spanish Cacao is termed as Cocoa
  • Cacao tree takes about 4-5 years to produce its first beans
  • Price of Cocoa fluctuates depending on farmers’ income
  • Chocolate was consumed in liquid form rather than solid.
  • Eating chocolates makes heart beat faster than it beats after kissing
  • Cocoa beans are produced by a tree known as Theobroma Cacao
  • Cacao bean is grown on Theobromine cacao tree which belongs to Malvaceae which is a vegetable
  • A cocoa tree can produce approximately 2,600 beans
  • Around 500 million people rely on chocolate for their livelihood
  • It takes about 4 days to produce a single bar of chocolate
  • Joseph Fry invented the chocolate in 1847
  • Chocolate industry earns up to 120$ billion per year
  • British Confectioners Fry and sons invented solid chocolate by mixing cocoa butter, sugar and chocolate liquor
  • Daniel Peter invented the white chocolate in 1857

Risks and Precaution for consuming chocolates

1.) Dark chocolate is involved in causing migraines. If you are prone to migraines then cut dark chocolate from your diet

2.) Since chocolate contains a high amount of sugar. Consume it in smaller amounts

3.) Consumption of more chocolates can cause tooth decay

4.) Chocolates may also lower the bone density in women

5.) Eating chocolates more than the subscribed amount may cause kidney stone

6.) Since chocolate consists of caffeine which is harmful to health

7.) More amount of chocolate may also cause poor bone structure and osteoporosis

8.) High risk of weight gain

9.) Some people reported skin allergies also

10.) Dark chocolates can increase heartbeat

11.) If a surgery is scheduled then stop eating chocolates 2 weeks before the scheduled date. Since cocoa interferes with blood sugar during surgery

12.) Caffeine and cocoa taken together in large amounts cause irritable bowel syndrome

13.) People suffering from high blood pressure should avoid eating chocolates

14.) Cocoa increases the pressure of glaucoma in eyes. Therefore people suffering from glaucoma intake lesser amounts of chocolate

15.) Those who are affected with bleeding disorders get affected very easily after eating chocolate in large amount

16.) The cacao beans were used as currency

17.) From 250-900 AD, Maya used chocolate in marriage ceremonies where chocolates were exchanged by bride and groom.

18.) In history, Maya used chocolate for drinking only and never had them in solid form

If you eat chocolates in small amounts every day or whenever you feel like, you won’t go through above risks.

After a lot of experiments and growing love for chocolates, some natural ingredients like dates, natural seeds, natural herbs, and honey are used in the manufacturing of chocolates.

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